Exhibit: Edward Burne-Jones


The incredible and beautiful imagination of Edward Burne-Jomes is the subject of a current exhibition at the Tate Britain. 


Born in 1833, into a world obsessed with industry, Burne-Jones was of the last Pre-Raphaelites, inspired by myths, legends and medieval art. The worlds that he imagined were extraordinary brought to life in tapestries, stained glass windows, paintings and sketches. 


His first solo show at the Tate since 1933 showcases some of the spectacular works, depicting Arthurian knights, Biblical angels and classical heroes of antiquity. Featuring over 150 pieces, the exhibition has some of Burne-Jones’ most well known works including huge paintings that tell the fairytale story of Sleeping Beauty. 


From now to 24 February 2019 at Tate Britain. From £18.