Zadig & Voltaire SS19


Words - Elliot Whitelaw

Created in 1997 by Thierry Gillier, grandson of Andre Gillier, who is the co-founder of Lacoste, Zadig & Voltaire has since developed a reputation as a high-end fashion brand that focuses on casual, functional and stylish looks. 


And so with the latest range, Zadig & Voltaire have created a collection that is perfect for the image they desire to represent.  For this upcoming collection, Zadig & Voldaire wanted to re-visit classic menswear by showcasing three styles and three ways in which a man can represent himself through their creations. Zadig & Voltaire wanted their latest capsule to represent men who are: confident, handsome, nonchalant and interested in art & music. 

The collection features a timeless black Harrington style jacket, and it is perfectly matched with a white graphic t-shirt, colour layering at its simplest and best. Moving down the outfit, the first style is then accompanied by a flannel shirt, which is always great to have in any outfit because of how versatile they are. The bottom half of the outfit is then completed by some cargo trousers, which have seemingly become a lot more popular over the last couple of years, with tech/functional wear becoming more and more ever present thanks to likes of Errolson Hugh of Acronym, ACG and Nike. 


Following on from this, it is so evident that the collection has held relaxed and comfortable clothing at the highest priority, the entire collection radiates 80’s Californian vibes - comfortable, fashionable and lived in.  Light-denim jackets, “Venice” printed on plain tee shirts, flannel shirts and leather jackets, the entire collection pays homage to Californian skate culture. Paying homage to the creative, a camouflage bomber jacket is embroidered with “Art Changes Everything.”, which perfectly represents the vision the creators had in mind when they wanted to create a collection that represented vintage California and the creative minds that culture gave birth to. 

Alongside this, a slightly punk aesthetic makes an appearance with black leather jackets, and over-sized black sweaters with the peace logo on – representing the versatility of the collection, with both neutral and bright colours both being present throughout the collection. 


However, Zadig & Voltaire have also created something that belongs in the high end fashion industry, with every individual item tailored for a bespoke, professional and comfortable fit it is important to remember that the entire range is of great quality and is designed to fit the wearer perfectly.  Cream trench coats are a good example of combining classic garments in fashion with a modern twist, it’s the small accessories such as the cannabis logo buttons and the “Love Love Love” buttons that further reinforce the ideology of Zadig and Voltaire wanted to represent in this collection. 


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