Kent & Curwen SS19


Words by Elliot Whitelaw

Photography by Nicholas Andrews

Kent & Curwen’s newest collection was their interpretation of re-imagined British classics.


The entire collection focuses quite primarily on stripes, which is especially suitable for summer and warmer weather. The interesting thing about stripes is the renaissance that striped clothing has received in streetwear and high end fashion thanks to rapper A$AP Rocky and his collaboration with American brand Guess Jeans, whom are infamous for their striped logo T-shirts, which are now highly sought after vintage pieces. But less of the history lesson, Kent and Curwen are focusing on past British iconic facets of fashion, and are bringing them forward with a modern twist.


Another homage to British fashion is the work wear style jackets and trousers that are featured in the collection. Jackets featuring chest pockets, inside pockets and pockets on the lower part of the jacket are iconic with work wear jackets that the likes of high-end brands such as Kent and Curwen and Bleu De Paname produce.


Alongside this nod to vintage work wear, there are slight references to Fred Perry with a vintage tennis knitted jumper and embroidered crests on blazers, a nod to formal wear at sporting events.


Interestingly enough, every outfit is accompanied with the model wearing a pair of Clarks Originals, whether it be a suit or a more informal outfit such as the two panel striped shirt and white trousers (which is paired well with a pair of Clarks Orginals Wallabees).  There is also a nod to music culture and the era that gave birth to the popularity of the bucket hat.


Kent and Curwen have created a collection that is full of little nods to British icons that have impacted fashion, and pays homage to the garments that are instantly recognisable throughout the industry. Lots of stripes, embroidery and bucket hats, an ode to everything that made British fashion what it is today.


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