WANT - new menswear this week

All the menswear that you need in your life this week …

FILA sweater - £135

Straight from the Milan catwalks to your wardrobe

APC jacket - €485

Some things are so perfect in every way that they will never not be desirable. Case in point to your right.

Topman rugby shirt - £30

Is the rugby shirt the perfect casual top for men in autumn? Topman make a good case for with an impressive new range, with this piece a standout.

Valentino sneakers at Mr Porter - £590

Inspired by hiking styles, but perhaps never worn by anyone that has ever hiked in their life, these new season Valentino’s features leather and mesh in clashing black, red and purple.

Amiri coat at Matches Fashion - £1,720

Did you ever wish you could emerge from a tube station, effortlessly cool with a chic black overcoat and a guitar slung over your shoulder? This coat gets you there, without having to take a single guitar lesson.

H&M hoodie - £17.99

The high street giant continues to impress with its made to last, affordable basics.