Jaxon Lane


Jaxon Lane, based in California are on a mission to bring the best in Korean skincare and science to rakish gents around the world. 

Created after one of the founders, Alex grew sick of imperfect skin and trying everything that didn’t work, he teamed up with co-founder Jen who knew everything that there was to know about the advanced developments in skincare in Korea. The brand seeks to deliver solutions to modern skincare problems, with affordable products that are backed by the science. The game changing Bro Mask has been joined by two new products, all of which are reviewed below:

The brand initially launched with the Bro Mask, a now award-winning and highly regarded grooming product. Designed to combat the daily affects of work, gyn and life in general, the 100% Hydrogel mask is ultra hydrating and packed with antioxidants which targets blemishes, redness, sun damage and fine lines. Each box contains 4 single use face masks. 

This powder face wash activates with water to later into a silky foam that exfoliates the skin and washes away dirt and oil. Designed to be used in the morning and at night, the gentle cleanser uses natural fruits enzymes instead of harsh scrubbers. 

We know we should, but so few of us wear sunscreen daily. Maybe its because most sunscreens are oily and feel horrid on the skin. Problem solved - the daily lotion goes on smooth, dries clear and is packed with vitamins for ultimate UVA and UVB protection.  

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