Vilebrequin SS18


Swimwear season is upon us. It may feel grossly bad-timed, but spring escapes and summer holidays are at the forefront of the minds of team Rakish Gent, and what to wear on the aforementioned tropical break is of course a consideration. 


Swim shorts are available at every menswear brand. What makes certain shorts stand out is the cut, quality and design. Three things that are the heart of what Vilebrequin does each season.


For spring, the collection has been inspired by primitive art - from prehistoric cave painting to the vibrant works of Basquiat. The collection is full of prehistoric animals, tropical flowers, camp turtles and a flourish of feathers. Of course, the finest fabrics are employed to ensure that these are pieces that you can wear year after year and the bright prints are never going to be out of fashion. 


Charming shorts to wear from beach to bar, and lightweight, comfortable polos and T-shirts to don when exploring the city. Now all we need to do is book the next flight to St-Tropez. 


Explore further and shop the collection at Vilebrequin.