Duke & Dexter Chelsea boots

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The Chelsea boot has been around since forever. Not the most fashion forward of shoes, it’s hard to see how a new version of this classic could be developed. Step forward (awful footwear pun we know) the latest drop from Duke & Dexter. 

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monochrome boot 1.jpg

Designed with urban living in mind, the spring 2018 capsule collection is a new version of the classic boot. It has all of the hallmarks with a modern twist. The clean lines and elegant aesthetic of a good Chelsea boot remain, starkly juxtaposed with striking patterns and a colour clashing elastic side panel. 

forest boot 3.jpg
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Like all of the brand’s shoes, each pair is handmade in England by seasoned artisans. Made from Northampton suede, the new model is available in three colours. The black Stealth Boot is balanced by the dark Camo elastic side panel, ensuring this versatile piece retains depth and intrigue; the bold white contrast of the Monochrome boot breathes life into the classic Chelsea Boot profile whilst the lighter tones of the Storm Trooper’s (great name) grey suede lift the palette of the collection. They are also the perfect transitional shoe to take you from spring to summer. 


Available now at Duke & Dexter