TUMI x British Heart Foundation

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Premium luggage brand TUMI has teamed up with the British Heart Foundation for a unique initiative named ‘United For Good’.

Committed to creating products which are both durable and easily repairable, in an effort to reduce unnecessary waste, the project aims to recoup customers’ bags that would otherwise have been thrown away, filling up landfill sites. The donated bags will be given a second life and be sold in BHF shops helping to raise vital funds for life-saving heart research, whilst donors will receive 20% discount towards the purchase of a new Tumi bag.

Between the 15th to the 30th September 2018,  selected TUMI boutiques will be accepting any backpack or briefcase – from any brand –, which will then be collected and sold in BHF shops around the UK, with the sale of the bag going directly to the charity. Further more, donors will be rewarded with the 20% discount on any backpack, briefcase or cross-body bag from the TUMI Alpha Business, Bravo, Harrison, Voyager and Stanton collections. 

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