Colmar launch Advanced Garment Exploration


American designer Shayne Oliver is the first designer working with COLMAR on A.G.E. (Advanced Garment Exploration) which is a space for research and development, hosting the art direction of international talents who reinterpret the DNA and heritage of the brand, creating casualwear that mixes highly innovative and technological materials.


In an atmosphere of  “Alpine nostalgia”, the vision of the American designer Shayne Oliver meets the heritage of the brand which has written the history  of skiing. Over the years, Colmar has suggested to all fans of the mountains “how to dress” in the Alpine world in general and in skiing in particular and Shayne Oliver, himself a pioneer, from the very beginning appeared determined to bring this world back to life, delving into an enormous archive delicately and respectfully, spying on its history in all its nooks and crannies, being influenced by iconic pieces and disruptive details.


Through imagining prying out fundamental elements of historic jackets and recomposing them with the uniqueness of his imagination and eccentricity, outerwear becomes cape-jackets which can be hung from the shoulders like small parachutes. Double and triple parkas to be worn back to front and which are completely reversible; double sleeves, double hoods, oversized and unisex fits, garish colours and shiny fabrics associated with cool tones and opaque fabrics borrowed from the technicality of ski-suits. The unisex trousers in three colours reproduce the gaiters launched by Colmar in the 1970s. The over-trousers to have with you all the time to ski anywhere today become a fashion piece which you can even wear in the city.


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