Hailing from New York, Triptych is a artisanal and unisex footwear brand for daily living that doesn’t comprise on innovative design and superb craftsmanship. 


Style never comprises over purpose, and no matter how architectural the designs, the shoes are made for walking. Technically, all of the designs have 2 soles, brushed leather or sub-sole creating footwear that is built to last. Should the rubber wear off eventually, it can be easily replaced with a new sole without the rest of the shoe being destroyed.


Handmade in Vigevano, one of the shoe making capitals of Italy, each pair is strictly limited edition. The city of New York is a constant source of inspiration and the aim is to create statement shoes tat merge luxury, aesthetics and purpose. The current collection and indeed the ethos of the brand is forward thinking design, geometric shapes and clever details. The current collection boasts unexpected openings, soft volumes, asymmetrical wedges and the merging of fashion forward design with practicality. 


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