Res Ipsa

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New brand Res Ipsa was founded by two lawyers who thought (don’t we all think?) that the world needed less lawyers and more style. All lawyers out there will know that the phrase applies for self-evident facts. With that in mind, the brand surely hopes that their products speak for themselves.

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The starting point for the brand was to develop designs based along the lines of the classic British loafer. That shoe was given a radical overhaul with the traditional leather being replaced by vintage hand-woven Turkish rugs, and finished with a durable leather sole and rubber heel. Because each Turkish rug is unique and asymmetrical, no two pairs will ever be identical. 


It it these handmade kilim shoes that the brand are best known for. However, they have now delved into other travel accessories, inspired by travels to the great cities of the world. The goods include weekenders, wallets and belts, and efforts are constantly being taken to source materials that are interesting, comfortable and stylish whether for weekend breaks in Panama City Beach to everyday life in Atlanta, where the label is based. 

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