Stella McCartney AW18

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For the first time, Stella McCartney presented her menswear collection alongside her women’s, with the eight men’s looks on show seamlessly siting alongside the wardrobes of both sexes.

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Softly deconstructed classic tailoring in soft mélange pinstripe in taupe, grey and check tweed was paired with V-neck knits and the iconic classic white shirt. The collection featured the designer’s signature Skin Free Skin alter nappa on a zip jacket whilst the traditional Aran knit jumper (an autumn staple and a highlight of the collection) here appeared in a soft wool alpaca mix, enlarged over trousers sporting a red grosgrain stripe. 

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Of course it wouldn’t be a Stella McCartney collection without a touch of bohemia, which here came via overly textured knits in camel. 

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