BARE fine jewelry


There is something very special about seeing a man have the confidence to rock a statement piece of jewellery. When created well and retaining an air of muscularity, fine jewellery can be a fantastic finishing touch to a look. A new collection from BARE is changing the game in creating beautiful, inspirational pieces. 


Helmed by Dries Criel, the designer developed an interest in classical ballet and fashion that led to fine jewellery and the creation of BARE. The brand’s mission is simple - to redefine classics in a contemporary way. Shapes are studied and reimagined to create timeless yet contemporary pieces, inspired by modern sculpture, architecture and contemporary art. 

Designed to be worn interchangeably be men and women, there is no comprise on quality, as all BARE pieces are handcrafted by the best artisans in Antwerp, using the finest materials available. 


New for spring 2018 is the BRUTE collection, inspired by Brutalist architecture, with its focus on structures in geometric and repetitive forms. 

Jhona Burjack.jpg

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