Exhibit: The Naked Truth

Fashion designer and photographer Christian Boaro has just unveiled a new exhibition of Polaroids, chosen from shots that he has taken over a ten year period.


The Naked Truth is a mosaic of Polaroids, telling the story of human nature and beauty beyond conventional stereotypes. The focus is on personalities and bodies, with subjects selected from the streets, clubs, social media or during Boaro’s extensive travelling. The range of subjects is truly breathtaking - young, old, of all colours and from all backgrounds.


Classically beautiful images fill the space, with each image and their arrangement providing a voyeuristic and documentary style feel. Subjects are rarely looking directly to camera and when they are, they are without clothes or make up and seen in an as natural way as possible. Shooting with Polaroid also allows a spontaneity that is rare in twenty first century fashion photography - a complete contrast for Boaro and his work with fashion houses like Versace and Dolce & Gabbana.


From now to 1 July 2018 at PlasMA