The art of packing with TUMI

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As holiday season gets into full swing, you will realise how important it is to have a good suitcase that you can rely on. Perhaps ever more important is ensuring that you pack it with stuff that suits where you are going, whether that be business or pleasure. TUMI know everything that there is to know about travel and have spent a  great deal of time working to establish products that are functional, easy to use and lovely to look at. Here are some of the brands smart solutions for stress free travel:

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  1. Always check the weather forecast for your destination.
  2. Use the TUMI folding pack to pack a separate set of clothes into your brief or personal item, just in case your luggage gets lost.
  3. Use TUMI packing cubes to separate outfits by colour and occasion while traveling.
  4. Have an “essentials pack” on hand with painkillers, hand sanitizer, umbrella, etc.
  5. Turn your blazer inside out to prevent wrinkling. Pack socks, undergarments and other small items around the handlebars to create a flat packing surface.
  6. When hanging items, layer garments; blouse jacket/ pants all can be hung on one hanger. Wrap belts around the inside of the case, insert into shoes, or line collars with them  to keep them crisp. 
  7. Roll clothes instead of folding. (i.e. roll socks and stuff into your shoes.
  8. Choose the right shoes and wear the heaviest ones to reduce weight in your suitcase.
  9. Buy toiletries when you get to your destination or use the ones the hotels provide to reduce space and weight in your bag.
  10. Make a photocopy of your passport when traveling to another country. Keep the copy in a separate bag from your passport.
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