Wood Wood AW18


Do you remember what it was like to be to be an angst ridden teenager? To be misunderstood, suffer terrible acne and to play sad songs on repeat (sometimes for the whole evening long to the annoyance of all others)?


Well Wood Wood drew inspiration from those uncomfortable years for their autumn collection which we thought to be both interesting and intelligent. “Before and After” combined elements of contemporary streetwear with classic American wardrobe staples.


There were plenty of pieces to make that uncomfortable transition from teenager to adult, a super stylish one. Slogans like “Sad songs make me happy” “fan club” and the frankly superb “leave me alone with your attention” threaded through the collection which featured other Americana elements like patchwork, letterman detailing, army surplus and raw denim. They were all tweaked to give them a subtle Wood Wood AW18 feel.


Muted tones made up the colour palette which consisted largely of navy and grey with pops of bright red and blue. Key items included classic wool coats with detachable nylon hoods, puffer jackets and the introduction of a new classic unisex 80s runner sneaker.


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