Weddings with Clements & Church


Photography by Silver Mountain Agency


What to wear on your big day can be an insurmountable conundrum for many men. Photos will live on forever, comfort is key and of course, you want to look the best in a room full of your nearest and dearest. 


Whilst the great British high street can offer a plethora of perfectly nice suits for men to wear on their big day, these amount to not much more than a navy or grey suit, with formal accessories and lacking any real sense of personal style and refinement. For that, the only way to go is to have a suit made to your exacting measurements. 


Clements & Church have slowly built a reputation as one of the UK’s finest tailors. With all of your suit needs capable of delivery, it is the wedding season where they truly shine. With stores located in Birmingham, Leamington, Solihull, Oxford, Beaconsfield and now LA, the brand also work with travelling tailors who can come and meet you at your convenience, pretty much anywhere you want. The staff have a second to none knowledge of tailoring, with Mr. Matt Roden in the Birmingham store offering an unparalleled knowledge of the cuts and colours that best suit a groom. 


The label offers an exquisite collection of fabrics and expertise, combined to create the ultimate suit for your big day. If you are a little lost when it comes to hundreds of fabric choices, the staff will help you to make all of the right choices, even down to the style of luxury cufflinks you should be wearing. 

For the modern groom, there is a unique understanding of the need to look your best, as well as reflect personality, style and that is in-keeping with the look of the day, whether that be on a beach in the Maldives or in a country pile in England. A custom-made suit is the perfect choice, where the aim is to flatter your body shape, whatever that may be. Clements & Church offer the opportunity for bride, groom, best man or whomever to come in for a consultation where all of the details can be discussed because no-one wants to clash horribly with the flowers do they? 


A tailored suit is not just about the cut though. Cloth is equally important and Clements & Church have sourced some of the finest materials in the world for blazers, lapels, shirts and accessories. 

The real joy fun creating a custom made suit for your wedding is the details. You can select everything from buttons, thread colours, lapel details and so much more. 


You will probably need to meet the knowledgeable tailors on three occasions - consultation, fitting and final fitting, all of which where tiny details can be changed and adapted, and you will leave a few days before the day that changes the rest of your life, with a perfectly tailored suit. 

For the height of sophistication, Clements & Church offer a personalised shirting and jacket service, with monograming to finish off the look. There is also a superb range of shirts, ties, shoes and cufflinks to finish off the look. 


The suit featured in this article is a demonstration of how black tie is now the go-to for the perfect reception look. You can see the appeal - take off the tails for the morning and change into something that makes you look and feel a million dollars. Jas adapted a basic tuxedo with a number of flourishes that made his wedding suit completely his own, including a velvet tuxedo jacket in a classic, Thirties’ style shawl collar shape with jet pockets. Underneath was a slightly lighter shade double breasted waistcoat and simple flat front side adjustor trousers. A high quality white dress shirt, mother of pearl cufflinks and of course, that all important monogram finish off the look superbly. 


Clements & Church offer a consultation service for weddings. To find out more, explore Clements & Church online.