Trussardi AW18

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Milan may be best known for a prevailing sense of ostentatious flair, but the new collection from Trussardi showcased a sense of refinement and functionality. 

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Focusing on an urban gang of boys and girls, that are caught between the contemporary and traditional, the collection utilised some of the finest fabrics available and a bold, street style friendly aesthetic. Overcoats were ever so slightly oversized whilst trousers and knitwear were perfectly fitted. Leather was used to brighten up prints, in places woven into tartan patterns and embellished. 

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Timelessly allowing the wearer to go from day to night, athletic pieces are scattered throughout the tailoring, with prints of mountains and skiers. Wear with sneakers in the day and change to smart Oxfords for the evening. Where colour was used, it was employed to great effect with chocolate brown, cobalt blue and forest green vividly bringing a number of pieces to life. 

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