Troubadour technical collection

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Known for their modern and minimalist, supremely luxurious leather bags, Troubadour has just launched a new technical collection that gives traditional techniques and materials a twenty first century twist. 

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From the roomy Weekender to versatile rucksacks, each piece is still handcrafted, with signature clean lines and clever details— but with a series of extra technical innovations, designed to deliver outstanding performance. 

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Thanks to the all-natural DryFibre waterproof leather, AllWeather waterproof fabrics, and waterproof linings, the bags will stay water resistant no matter how much it rains and unlike other waterproof coatings, which only sit on the surface and wear off with time, the wax used on these bags, attaches to fibres throughout the entire hide of leather, creating layers of waterproofing that won’t wear off and still allow the leather to develop a natural patina over time. 

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The same thinking applies to the rucksacks with breathable back panels, to keep your back cool and dry on hot days. And the shoulder straps are filled with memory foam and designed to follow the curves of your body, to prevent sore shoulders and stiff muscles, while keeping your bag firmly in place. 

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