Troubadour Goods summer totes

Troubadour - Summer Totes 4.jpg

Superb bag brand Troubadour Goods has just launched a fresh collection of summer ready tote bags in bright and vibrant colours. Limited to just 25 bags in each colour, the new launch introduces new bags in blue, yellow, red, green, orange and khaki. 

Troubadour Summer Tote - Deep Red.jpg
Troubadour Summer Tote - Green.jpg

Each tote is crafted in a premium canvas, trimmed with the Troubadour Goods signature vegetable-tanned Italian leather. Barrel-dyed, the process seems the leather completely immersed in a liquid dye to ensure that the colour permeates the colour all the way through. 

Troubadour Summer Tote - Grey.jpg
Troubadour Summer Tote - Marine Blue.jpg

Smart and versatile, the roomy totes are perfect for a day out, or we recommend as a chic and smart guy bag. Inside, there are hanging pockets with elasticated sections and zipped pockets for valuables. Cleverly, the bag also features side-snaps that make the bag slimmer when there is less to carry. 

Troubadour Summer Tote - Orange.jpg
Troubadour Summer Tote - Yellow.jpg

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