Transitions Lenses

Transitions lenses in emerald with Cubbits frame Gif black.jpg

Isn’t it annoying when you are on holiday, out sunbathing and you look great in your shades but can see bearly anything because you don’t have your glasses on? Transitions lenses, have come and leaps and bounds and has developed technology to create lenses that take seconds to revert back from dark to clear and vice versa. 

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Dubbed as “light intelligent” (because they adjust to light and not because they didn’t do very well at university) the lenses darken as they are exposed to UV rays. Typically, they will remain clear indoors, as would any lenses in your spectacles, and darken outdoors as they adjust to the natural light and UV rays. They block out UVA and UVB rays and perform the job of sunglasses and glasses in one. 

The latest development is the Transitions Style Colours lenses, which feature Chromea 7 technology and is the most responsive lens yet for all lighting and temperature conditions, and boasting extra fast fade from dark outside to clear indoors. You can also choose the colour that the fade will change to with choices from grey, brown and graphite green and new emerald, sapphire, amber and amethyst. 

Transitions lenses in amethyst with Cubbits frame Gif.jpg

Of course, lenses without great glasses are rather senseless, so head to Cubitts to explore a wonderful range of rakish frames and elect to have your Transitions lenses placed in. 

From £225. Explore further at Transitions