Thomas Clipper UNITE fragrances


Luxury UK men’s brand Thomas Clipper have just launched a new collection of fragrances. Formulated in Grasse, France and made in the UK, the new collection is available to purchase from Fortnum & Mason and a number of other worldwide stockists. 

TC_Unite_017.5ml Unite Collection 1_full.jpg
UNITE Collection 50ml.jpg

Organic alcohol, no animal testing, vegan-friendly and limited edition with batches of 250 made at one time., each fragrance comes with a handwritten card stating the order number in which it was made. Whilst the scents within the UNITE collection all work as individual fragrances in their own right, you can probably assume from the name trio that these have been designed to work in unity, giving you the ability to layer and blend the scents together for different occasions and for anytime be it day or night. Thomas Clipper is the only men’s fragrance that we know to have launched fragrances which can be layered. 

City - Unite Premium Mens Cologne_£59.jpg
Coast Unite Premium Mens Cologne_£59.jpg
Country Unite Premium Mens Cologne_£59.jpg

The three scents include modern classic City, a timeless blend of aromatic notes, grounded in tonka bean and cedarwood, Country; a masculine complex and deep scent with vetiver and saffron and Coast which is fresh, sophisticated and sporty. 

UNITE is available to buy as a trio for 150ml for £169, in 50ml bottles for £59, 22.5ml Travel Edition Trio for £49 and samples at 6ml for £15.

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