The Jones Family Kitchen

Rump Steak Mac n Cheese Triple Cooked Chips - Jones Family Kitchen - Photo by Simon Burrell 1.JPG

A superb new independent restaurant and bar, in the superbly rejuvenated Eccleston Yards that is perfect for dinner and drinks.

Charcuterie Board and Cheese Croquettes with  Lost Negroni  - Photo by Simon Burrell 1.JPG
Creamy English Burrata  Starter - photo by Simon Burrell 2.JPG

What’s the vibe?

For those that are unaware, Eccleston Yards is a beautiful part of London. Housed a short walk from Victoria station, the restaurant is surrounded by superb street art, soft lightning, outdoor events and pop-ups as well as a Barry’s Bootcamp and Tailor Made store. The energy in the district is electric - outdoor seating and an open, lounge style atmosphere makes Jones Family Kitchen an unpretentious but still elevated dining experience.

Jones Summer Garden Plate - Photo by Simon Burrell 8.JPG

What’s it really like?

In one word - lovely. The staff are super friendly, keen to help by recommending dishes and cocktails to complement as well as choices that might be best suited to your tastes. The menu is pretty vast for such a new venture, and full of unique twists on classics. The interior is cool and modern and it feels like the sort of restaurant where you are so relaxed that it becomes quite hard to leave at the end of the night.

Terrace at The Jones Family Kitchen - Photo by Simon Burrell 1.JPG
350g Pork Rib Eye, smoked aubergine purée - Hispi Cabbage - Sourdough Tin - Photo by Lucy Richards 2.JPG

Why should you go?

To enjoy a new corner of London. Eccleston Yards has had intelligent investment and the expansion has been considered. The retailers are doing some of the best tailoring, gym sessions and dining that is available in London and this will only continue as new retailers come on board. That intelligence extends to the surroundings - the location is currently home to a huge wall mural of Frida Kahlo. One suspects that this change over time to be in keeping with the London art world.

Scallops Starter - photo by Michael Radley.png

What should you have?

Where Jones Family Kitchen excels is when it creates twists on classics. Much of the menu works on this basis so you are invited to taste favourites in new and exciting ways. For example, the octopus starter is cooked with cider and served with a refreshing lentil & herb salad. For mains, we highly recommend steak; grass-fed Longhorn cattle, dry-aged for at least 28 days by renowned Yorkshire farmer & butcher, The Ginger Pig. Instead of fries, opt for the absolutely delicious truffle macaroni and cheese, which is surprisingly light and provides the perfect balance to the meat. More welcome surprises come with the desert menu - the sweetness of the sticky toffee pudding is offset by white miso ice-cream and there is not much more that we want on a summer night than a scoop of salted caramel sorbet. There is also a pretty comprehensive gluten free menu, which is a considerate and intelligent, modern thought.

La Vie En Rose - Photo by Simon Bureel 1.JPG

The cocktail menu is vast, which is no bad thing as far as we are concerned. Divided into fresh summer drinks, strong & hard and sweet & low there is literally something for all tastes. Summer evenings are made for starting with La Vie En Rose (a delicious and light rosé vodka, lemon juice and soda) and then maybe moving on to a harder Saffron Sour.

Saffron Sour - photo taken by River Thompson jpg.jpg

The bill

Olives  £3.00

Cheese croquettes £3.00

Burrata £7.75 

Cider cooked octopus £9.00

250g fillet steak £31.00 

Spatchcock Poussin £16.50

Truffle Macaroni Cheese £4.50

Rocket & parmesan salad £3.50

Sticky Toffee Pudding £6.25 

Artisan Gelato & Sorbets £6.00 

La Vie En Rose £9.50

JFK Cherry Cream Soda £8.00

Saffron Sour £9.00 

Fresh & Wild(ish) £7.50

TOTAL £130.50

Sticky Toffee Pudding, dark toffee sauce, white miso ice cream - Photo by Simon Burrell 2.JPG
Terrace at The Jones Family Kitchen - Photo by Simon Burrell 5.JPG

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