Swimwear at Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters swim shorts £32 or €45 (3).jpg

The British are a fairly predictable people. It is, for example predictable that we put the kettle on for a cup of tea when we get home from work, that we love a drink on a Friday night and all get Sunday evening blues. It is also predictable that the smallest bit of sunshine turns us all into sun worshippers. 

adidas swim shorts at Urban Outfitters £25 or €35.95 (2).jpg
Urban Outfitters swim shorts £32 or €45 (4).jpg
Kappa swim shorts at Urban Outfitters £35 or €52 (2).jpg

A recent bout of sun saw sales at Urban Outfitters rise to unexpected proportions, with summer swimwear being on top of many men’s shopping baskets. The high street retailer, best known for its premium T-shirts, superb offering of designers and well stocked denim collection also plays host to a wonderful range of swimwear. 

For example - the cute UO watermelon embroidered shorts (£32), sporty adidas classic three striped style (£25) and Kappa’s bright yellow swimmers (£35). Of course, there are loads more but these are just some of our very fav. 

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