SPOTLIGHT: Mr Maximilian Magnus


Photography - Eva Dang

Interview - Taj Hayer

Whilst Paris may be well known as home to some of the best shops in the world, and New York the place to be for large scale sandwiches, Berlin has become one of the world’s finest cities for diverse modern art. The last twenty years has seen a boom in a fragmented and distinguished array of artists, with the city now playing host to over 440 galleries, world class collections and 10,000 international artists. 

Maximilian Magnus is one man that has made a real impression on the global art scene. Born and raised in the Bavarian countryside, the now Berlin based artist comes from a family of sculptors and painters and has gained a reputation around the world as a leading force in contemporary painting and collage, having worked with some of the most eminent figures in the industry and exhibited at some of the world’s best galleries. We sat down with Mr. Magnus to find out what makes an artist tick and why Berlin is such a booming city.


Growing up around a family of painters and sculptors, was it expected that you would work in the art world?

Not really to be honest. I never thought about it but felt that there is something inside my self that will break out eventually. But you know what I think it is still hidden.

How does travel influence your work? 

Every step you take will guide you to a new place of your inner self, especially when you are traveling you are very close to your higher self, and get closer with each step you take. This is the place where you create the best work. 

What makes Berlin such a booming place for art?

It is very fast growing and still a cheap city to live in. It also has its history to it that makes it interesting. The wall came down not too long ago, maybe its part of it’s appeal, maybe it just gives it a certain melancholy that artists apparently need to work. For me, it is a place to get lost and dream. But also Berlin is a place I left 5 weeks ago to move on. I now bought the house my parents lost 12 years ago and i am currently turning it into an artist residency and a place for people that give workshops or want to share things that matter to us. It is called TreeHouse and you will find out more about it very soon.

How did the Move The World Project come about?

To cut a long story short, I was touched and shocked by the classism in Brazil and wanted to create a movement of  awareness that helps in one way or the other to move us all into a more caring place. A place we and the earth deserve. One could say that the TreeHouse is a move the world project. 


What are the different challenges when working across paintings, colleagues, drawings and video? 

No matter what you are working on you better make sure you are at a place inside your self that reveals the purest goods of your self.

To be an eminent member of the art world, now involves courting the press, doing interviews and photoshoots etc, who have you found this experience?

I was asking this to my self before staring to answer your questions. The better question would be -why do you say what you are saying? What would i like the reader to read and to feel while reading? To the one that is reading this right now, i would like you to ask your self these questions an angel was asking me recently and that i am trying to answer to my self each new day. Who am i? What do i want and how can i serve?

Are you especially proud of any of your work to date? 

I am proud that i am taking the path of art, the path of asking questions to my self and that with every day i feel more and more humble. I would like to be proud of my self knowing i made people think, smile and a little more  aware of this beautiful gift we are all living. I would like to be proud of my self being aware of this each day for some moments and gift a smile to a stranger.

Where would you recommend that our readers spend their time, if they were in Berlin?

You must go to the Jamaican Restaurant ROSA CALETA and ask for Kirk, give him a big kiss from me and tell him what you are up for. He will give you the best advice you can get in town. No matter if you want to see some good exhibitions or want to fly away for days in dark cellars of clubs that will free your spirit.

What inspires you and your work?

Moments where i am fully connected with my self and therefore with IT all. 

And finally for you, what makes a rakish gent?

Ha ha, you tell me.


Quick-fire questions

Ideal travel destination – The Moon.

Best store in the world – My Mum’s.

Gadget of choice – Three little birds.

Your go to pair of shoes – Barefoot 

Designer/ brand of choice – old worn out cloths, maybe Valentino.

Favourite fragrance – Terre de Hermes 

Best place to go out in Berlin - Go get lost on the streets, they will lead you to what you need.

Recommended app – send me a letter.

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