Shayne Oliver x Colmar

Colmar AGE ACT 3 2.jpg

The last collection from Shayne Oliver (designer and founder of Hood by Air) ends with an edgy and winter appropriate offering. 

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Consisting of a colour palette of black, red and electric blue paired with a hi-vis fabric, which is applied both as detailing and as the actual fabrication of the garments with rubber patches which have been a signature of the designer’s A.G.E. collections are placed on sleeves and the back of pieces, ranging from jackets to trousers, sweatshirts and T-shirts.

Colmar AGE ACT 3 8 (1).jpg

Within the collection, jackets come in different cuts and lengths. An oversized parka is quilted with a hood, press studs and front zip. A bomber jacket comes with a stretch knit collar, waistband and sleeves, with a light down jacket appearing classic only to reveal that the piece is actually turned inside out, with the seams exposed.

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