SERIES: Tom Ford Grooming


Words - Taj Hayer

Photography - Nicholas Andrews

Model - Damian Ipser

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It feels like Tom Ford has been a force of nature in menswear since forever with collections at Gucci, Saint Laurent and Tom Ford having changed the way that men dress today. Of course, the man himself is an icon - incredibly stylish, handsome and groomed to perfection. 


In 2013 Ford launched his impressive eight piece range of skin care products for men. Simply packaged, boasting that classic Tom Ford logo and aiming to change men’s grooming behaviours, the range has succeeded in changing the way we feel about grooming and how we get ready in the morning. The sense of luxury that the collection embodies in the way that it looks and feels, as well as the fantastic effect on your skin, that eight piece collection has evolved into brow gel, beard oil and body sprays that align with all of the scents in Ford’s impressively grooming range of fragrances. 


There are a number of key pieces that you need to really get the best out of your skincare routine. The Oud Wood Soap Bar boasts oud wood, one of the rarest and most expensive ingredients used by perfumers. The luxurious soap cleanses skin and creates a rich and indulgent lather, leaving an unparalleled soft and smooth feeling.


The Purifying Face Cleanser has been one of the hero products from the original launch. The water activated, foaming gel conditions and cleans at the same time. It leaves your face feeling exceptionally clean with no tightness and dryness and its lightweight formula unclogs pores and prepares the skin for a smooth shave.


An essential for any man that shaves, the Tom Ford Shave Cream softens the beard hair for a close and comfortable shave. The rich and cooling cream protects and nourishes skin and the heady citrus herbal scent makes shaving a real joy.


To finish off your skincare routine, use the Intensive Purifying Mud Mask once a week. Designed to counter the effects of a busy lifestyle, the mask turns from black to light grey, as it draws out dirt, oil and toxins. When rinsed off, your skin will feel fresher and cleaner than ever before as well as looking younger and more revitalised.

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