SERIES: L’Essayeur


Photography - Nicholas Andrews

Words & styling – Taj Hayer

Model – Loic Williams at Nevs

 All jewellery – L’Essayeur


Accessories for men are a booming industry. Encompassing everything from bandanas for summer holidays to luxury timepieces, more than ever before, men are more willing than ever to experiment with accessories, which of course both complete an outfit and make it unique to the wearer. It’s a very good thing for emerging brands like L’Essayeur, who specialise in creating superbly crafted and high quality designs.


The London founded, avant-garde label was founded by graduates, especially interested in the blurred lines where science and art meet. Designed to be much more than a beautiful collection of precious metals, pieces have been designed to capture the spirit of scientific revolution and bold artistic expression. Those rebels are specifically, rebels from the world of science with the brand’s signature collection taking inspiration from Galileo Galilei who stood by his theories even when faced with imprisonment. Indeed, the name of the label even takes its inspiration from a book published by the scientist in 1623; one of the pioneering scientific books of the Renaissance.


Taking its cues from the man and his theories, each L’Essayeur piece is designed as an experiment to disrupt fashion and to make the accessory a bold, standout feature. Eschewing mass=production methods, Italian artisans were sought out so that their skills could be utilised in the co-creation of spectacular jewellery. For example, Mr. Leonardo Bossio was specifically chosen for his skills in challenging the borders between structure and jewellery. Similarly, collaborative artist Antonella Sicoli is inspired by gravity and tries to craft pieces that defy convention. What it means, is that each piece from the collection is unique, inspired by different sources and rearranged in an innovative way.


The signature collection comprises 6 collections inspired by Galileo’s heliocentric theory and Pisa Tower gravity experiment. As opposed to literal interpretations, the pieces convey emotions (foolish, fall, fear, fierce, lost and found). Each of the collections features differing precious metals and unique design elements. Foolish is based on Galileo’s geometric designs, whilst Fall takes notes from an experiment whereby to spheres of different masses were dropped from the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Fer, one of the more avant-garde offerings features a striking necklace with the centre of the universe symbolised by Galileo’s eye in the centre of the design. Sterling silver and 24 carat yellow gold plating is used throughout, but the Lost & Found collections both involve varying pearls and precious metals as well as moonstone and diamonds.


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