SERIES: Cubitts


Words - Elliot Whitelaw 

Photography - Nicholas Andrews

Styling - Taj Hayer 

Model - Lester Kamen at Established Models 

All glasses - Cubitts

Operating out of London where they now have five stores, Cubitts are industry experts in prescription eyewear and sunglasses for men & women. Since inception, the brand has developed a niche for glasses that perfectly fit and showcase unique, individual style. 


What sets the brand apart from the many other optical retailers on the market is the sheer level of detail that goes into creating each pair of glasses. Cubitts certainly don’t cut any corners when it comes to manufacturing bespoke eyewear. Speaking recently, founder Tom Broughton said “Back then you’d go into a little workshop where someone would test your eyes, and that same person would also design your lenses and frames, and then go out back to make them. Every frame was bespoke and made to order. I wanted to cherry-pick parts of this process and do it in a slightly more up-to-date way.” Showing a commitment to the finest spectacles, in October 2017 Cubitts opened their first optical workshop in the basement floor of it’s Kings Cross store; the first spectacle-making workshop in the city for over thirty years.


The brand prides itself on staying true to their London roots and maintaining a traditional style. This doesn’t mean that they are not looking for ingenious ways to ensure they are providing reliable, professional and fashionable eyewear. In March 2018, Cubitts released the beechwood colour way– which is available in over twenty (yes, twenty) frames and styles. This wide variety covers the entire spectrum and so ensures there is a style suited for everyone.


Alongside the classic beechwood style, Cubitts are also expanding into the fashion industry via collaborations with the likes of Australian graphic designer Leif Podhajsky and British artist Tracey Emin (In which all proceeds went to charity). These collaborations show that Cubitts also want to work with like-minded, forward thinking and positive people who want to bring more creativity and good vibes to the world through their work.


Now, buying new glasses can certainly be a pretty daunting experience, but the Cubitts online site is incredibly easy to navigate and showcases you the construction methods of their products. From The Front, and how it is jointed and fit with certain nosepads dependent on the wearer. And then to The Rivett, and how the bond between the sides and the front is created using the butterfly method created in 1847 by Lewis Cubitt himself. And finally, The Hinges, and how they are always pinned, which is more a more skilled and time consuming method, but creates a more elegant joint for the silhouettes to function better.


Cubitts offer their own modern take on a traditional service for society, offering excellent service throughout the whole process of getting a new pair of glasses. 

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