Seed Daily Synbiotic


Seed, the science-based consumer health company that has created a big impact in the US has finally begun shipping to the UK.


In a tough, global market estimated at around $70 billion Seed have created an impression for an intelligent and precise approach to bringing probiotics to consumers. It’s a word that has been part of the social consciousness for some time, but for those that do not know, probiotics are living microorganisms that provide health benefits when consumed, largely by improving or restoring the gut. Seed’s approach has been to bridge the science with an efficient consumer product, that is easy to understand and even easier to understand.

The efficient Daily Synbiotic, a probiotic and prebiotic formula, is available to purchase as a monthly or quarterly subscription. When launched in the US last summer, it sold out in less than four months. Users have seen the benefits of probiotics playing a system-wide role in heath alongside exercise and diet. With the Daily Synbiotic, Seed have sought to educate and inform, whilst steering clear of complications that could see users confused by the role of probiotics.


With a separate formulation for men and women, the men’s formula combines 20 clinically-studied probiotic strains (which are commonly not found in yogurt, fermented foods and beverages and most other supplements) with a new class of organic, patented, plant-based and non-fermenting prebiotics sourced from Indian pomegranate & Scandinavian chaga and pine bark.


The first in Seed’s pipeline of scientifically-validated probiotics, the Daily Synbiotic was developed to benefit digestive health and uses new technology to maximise advances to sustain systemic health. Sustainably delivered, the first month’s Welcome Kit includes a glass jar and complimentary travel vial shipped in a compostable mycelium (mushroom grown) tray. Each subsequent monthly or quarterly refill is shipped in a compostable oxygen and moisture protectionbio-based pouch, which is further protected by a compostable and dissolvable corn foam insulator. International and UK customers may also opt in to Seed’s Sustainable Transport Program for 90-day refills instead of standard 30-day refills to help reduce shipping and, in turn, CO2 emissions.


The Standard Refill (30 days) costs £40, shipped at £8 monthly. The Sustainable Transport Program (90 day refills) costs £120 and is shipped for free.

Available exclusively at Seed.