Rolex GMT Master 1675


Words - Taj Hayer 

Photography - Nicholas Andrews

Shot on location at Watchfinder, Royal Exchange London 

Of all the watch brands that we would consider to be good investments (in that they look great on your wrist today and will maintain their financial value should you decide to sell it later) Rolex is perhaps the greatest. The Rolex GMT Master 1675 is one the esteemed labels most iconic timepieces. 


Most models available on the market today will be from the 1970s when the watch was at the height of its production. The distinctive travellers watch descends from the 1675 model, which first debuted in 1959 following the success of the original GMT 6542. The 1675 went on to be produced for 20 years (one of the longest manufacturing runs in Rolex’s history). Originally designed for the Pan American World Airways (anyone that has ever seen Mad Men will recall references to the iconic “Pan-Am” airlines)  who wanted an accurate and functional wristwatch that pilots could use on long haul flights following a boom in aviation in the 1960s. As pilots began to fly longer distances on a more regular basis, it became imperative that they had a watch that was capable of displaying multiple time zones. There are few watches that began by an attempt to meet demands for business and turned into an iconic sports watch, but the Rolex GMT Master is one of them. 


From £19,950 and available from Rolex at Watchfinder.

As well as the standard hour, minute and seconds hands, the GMT (stands for Greenwich Mean Time) was designed to allow for a fourth, GMT hand, to the local time followed by adjustment of a rotatable 24-hour bezel, to a second time zone. The most iconic of the GMT Master 1675 features a Pepsi bezel (a classic blue and faded red) as well as the Rolex crown, Oyster bracelet and clasp. It is that Pepsi face that gives the watch its highly desirable, vintage face which makes it one of the most in demand Rolex’s available.