Nicolas Alexander


Just as the weather starts to turn and all of our disposable income goes on booking flights to far flung destinations on a weekly basis for the next few months, a new swimwear brand has come along with shorts that are perfect for that getaway.


Created by husband and wife team Anastasia & Nick, the duo have worked hard to create smart and elegant swimwear that men will really enjoy wearing. The Modern Nomad collection is the debut offering and consists of the well crafted mid-length Nomad short. Inspired by men’s tailoring, real emphasis has been placed on ensuring that the fit and structure of the short is as good as it could possibly be. Essentially, its like wearing a well tailored pair of trousers.


Of course, being well tailored is just half of the story. As much time and energy has been placed on a sophisticated print, that is bold, eclectic and fun. More reserved types will opt for the gentleman’s navy or striped designs, whilst other more, adventurous types might like the midnight floral or superb Gaudi design. 


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