Master & Dynamic MA770 Black


Fresh from a collaboration with Leica, Master & Dynamic has just launched a second collaboration with Sir David Adjaye - the MA770 Black.


The new colour way is a reminded version of the iconic black headphones. Renowned for superb signature sound, the MA770 is a glorious audio and visual statement. The new speaker is a timeless addition to your home. Using a concrete base which has dampening properties that are 5 times better than wood and 10 times better than plastic, the sound is so impressive that it can be placed just inches away from a turntable, playing at full volume, without causing the record to skip. 


With the industry concentrating on smaller and more portable pieces it is a real joy to see products like this, that defy convention and create a luxurious and powerful presence in the home. 

From £1,600 and available at Master & Dynamic