Look of the Week


Winter = monotone 

Whilst summer might be all bold colours and clashing prints, winter for The Rakish Gent involves lush fabrics and simple, clean monotones. Black is a shade that you literally cannot ever go wrong with. 

This weeks look shows you how easy it is to wear black this winter and still look fashion forward and season appropriate. The fashion angle of this look comes via the sheer deep V shirt at Asos Design.

Sheer, traditionally a summer fabric, is winter appropriate in black and when styled with this superb long flowing trench coat, available at Zara.

Ensuring that the look is perfectly appropriate for fall, we styled this weeks rakish gent in high waisted black wool trousers at Basic Rights and a classic pair of polished leather Chelsea boots from Saint Laurent at Mr Porter. 

rakish3 - insta.jpg

This weeks illustration has been created by the talented Martin Burger, a 21 year old designer and illustrator who also runs his own fashion brand. In September he introduced a new fashion collection called Victim, which is inspired by consumerism including social media and behaviour of people in the modern age. Follow Martin on Facebook and Instagram