Lifeguard by Joseph Szabo


A new book by Joseph Szabo presents a stunning documentation of the unsung hero of the beach; the lifeguard. 


We are all familiar with the stereotype of the lifeguard - beach, golden skin, washboard abs and red speedos. The new book by photographer Szabo follows his relationship of getting to know the men behind the abs. Shot over 1990 to 2015, Szabo spent time following and getting to know the heroes of the beach, the work that they do and how important they are to the communities in which they work. 


The connection began in the late 1960s when he first discovered Jones Beach. The photography captured in the book does show us that there is some element of the truth about lifeguards being pumped within an inch of their lives, but also an examination of preparation, teamwork, recharging, camaraderie, duty and responsibility.


Available from £29 at Damiani