Hotel 1882 Barcelona


If you are looking for reasonably priced accommodation that combines luxury and relaxation and that has a key focus on the environmentally sustainable, that just happens to be located in one of Europe’s coolest cities, check out the 1882 in Barcelona. 


The luxury hotel owes its name to the date on which architect Gaudí began construction of Barcelona’s most emblematic building, the Sagrada Familia. In a way not too dissimilar to Gaudí, throughout, the hotel plays homage to the architect and to modernism. 

Gaudí was said to have been inspired by arts and craftsman William Morris, so it is not surprising hat he is honoured by a graphic motif that appears throughout the hotel. Reception is modern, simple and full of unique details like plush, comfortable leather chairs, gold accents and of course those William Morris references. 


Rooms continue in the same vein although are significantly pared back in terms of design, focusing on functionality and comfort. Large and super comfortable beds dominate, furniture us unfussy and simple and everything is well placed to make it easy to use. 


Designed to be user-friendly for all kinds, the hotel boasts a rooftop swimming pool (superb on a hot summers day in Barcelona and it even has a selfie point which will make influencers everywhere rejoice), a small but well-equipped gym, bike rental, free yoga classes and body treatments too. On Saturday afternoons the hotel also offers a one hour free guided tour that will answer many questions about the Sagrada Familia and the man behind it. 


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