New brand Hermetica is truly the first of its kind - delivering fragrance, with alcohol free technology that allows you to purchase online with ease, without the need to smell it first. 

Inspired by modern day alchemy, the fragrances within the collection with been in development or over 2 years, overseen in France by master alchemists Aliénor Massenet and Philippe Paparella, senior perfumers at Symrise.

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The new and exciting approach to fragrance is the result of a unique hybrid formula, where synthetics are extracted from natural sources, uses patented technology – InoscentTM – that enables the top and mid notes to appear instantly, revealing the heart of the perfume after the first spritz, making it unique to every individual. The range includes 13 unique perfumes, 12 within the four different collections - Emerald Stairways, Vertical Ambers, The Door and Dry Waters - plus Source1, a standalone fragrance that can also be found across all scents. 

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Transforming natural ingredients, Hermetica has created a new fragrance elixir with an array of floral, green, woody and oriental scents that deliver a contemporary and long-lasting smell. The approach to online retail is what makes the brand truly exciting though - customers are encouraged to undergo a personality quiz online, which will determine the scent best suited to them. Moving away from traditional fragrance questions, HERMETICA uses a unique algorithm and the idea of synaesthesia – where the perception of images can stimulate other senses such as smell – to match customers with the perfect fragrance. A discovery kit, containing all 13 perfumes can be purchased through the website, allowing consumers to smell each scent, before buying; the cost is then offset against the price of a full priced fragrance.

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