Grenfell SS19

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Fact - some coats are better than others. Fact - Grenfell produce some of the finest coats in the world. 

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Since its establishment in 1923, the brand initially came to fame as cloth supplier doctor/ philanthropist Sir Wilfred Thomas Grenfell needed cloth that could perform under the toughest of conditions - table-topping mountaineers to daring aviators, ambitious explorers to reserved royalty. 

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The spring collection (one of the strongest ever from the brand in our considered opinion) looks back to one of Sir Grenfell’s sailing trip across the Atlantic. Yachts and all things yacht related are the main focus of the new range, with colour blocking, water repellent fabrics, multi-pocketed silting jackets and contrast elastic drawstring cords featuring throughout. 

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That menswear classic, the Naval Pea Coat has been reimagined in a parka in lightweight wool, trimmed with tonal anchor metal buttons, whilst the super practical Cagoule gets a modern overhaul, in poncho proportions in yellow.

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Of course, you don’t need to be a sailor to wear any of these coats. If you were, you would hands down be the most stylish sailor on the seas. 

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