Fictional Style Hero: James Bond

Am I properly dressed for this occasion?

Words by Taj Hayer

Illustrations by Isaac Zeuqram

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In the hallowed world of men’s style heroes (we’ve already covered Tyler Durden, Dickie Greenleaf and Patrick Bateman) there is perhaps just one man more iconic than all the rest; Bond, James Bond.


From the opening pages of Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale to the most recent outing of Daniel Craig in Spectre, we have been captivated by a man that always looks immaculate, without looking like he hasn’t made any effort at all. It is the charm, nonchalance and self-deprecating knowledge of how rich and handsome he is that makes James Bond an outstanding style icon. Whether portrayed by Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan or our personal favourite Sean Connery, Bond’s style rarely changes. He doesn’t follow fashion, lives by a few key style rules and favours refined quality free of any fuss. 



If you want to look James Bond good when running to the supermarket on a Saturday afternoon, it isn’t really that hard. The fundamental rule is that you invest properly in clothes that fit really well, are timeless and built to last. For example, denim should be dark and classic, easy to wear anywhere and paired with a great outdoors jacket and simple knit. It will look and feel much more comfortable than layering. A polo shirt is a great go-to, and keep casual shirts as simple and print free as possible. 

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When we think of Bond, the first image that comes to mind is that of an immaculate looking man in a black tuxedo. Indeed, the power of a good tuxedo is that it can make you feel like an absolute   baller. Quality is key. Head to Savile Row for the absolute best, where Gieves and Hawkes maintains its position as the best of British tailors. For superb Bond inspired formal wear also look to Turnbull & Asser, who created superb accessories inspired by some of Bond’s most stylish on-screen outings. 

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It goes without saying that an international man of mystery/ assassin/ public school educated man about town has access to a good gym and cares about taking care of his body. You should too. If you do, and end up holidaying in Bond inspired beach destinations, we would definitely advise checking out Orlebar Brown’s 007 collection, where swimwear essentials have been crafted as replicas of those worn from the movies. The general rule for swim shorts is short and slim so a great pair of thighs is a must. 

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Illustrations by Isaac Zeuqram, educated ay the Architectural Institute in Prague he recently moved back to his native home of Mexico to develop his career as a freelancer Illustrator, graphic artist, editorial & interior designer.