Ferrari Tailor Made


What makes a Ferrari even more special than it already is? Making it uniquely your own, of course. Ferrari Tailor Made is an exclusive programme for patrons that want to customise each element of their car to produce a one of a kind vehicle that reflects your own personality. 

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Harking back to Maranello in the Fifties, when each new car was individually personalised to suit the customer. Back then, an extensive range of fabrics, woods, leathers and colours were utilised to capture the imaginative of passionate car collectors. Now, the choices are unlimited, tirelessly researched by the Ferrari Design team and all maintaining the elegance and innovation that makes Ferrari special. Each of the buyers lucky enough to be able to utilise the tailor made programme, will be assisted by a team of experts, led by a Personal Designer whose primary job is to ensure that the car is unique whilst epitomising everything that Ferraro stands for. 


The programme includes a visit to the Tailor Made centre in either Maranello or Shanghai where you can choose materials, pour over extensive samples and also be shown a real-time virtual preview of the car. Three collections are available as a starting point for the Tailor Made Programme, and each is closely connected to Ferrari’s DNA: these collections – Scuderia, Classica and Inedita – reflect the sporting soul, the heritage and the innovation of the brand respectively. Ferrari customers can then take inspiration from one or more of these collections, adapting the various elements according to their tastes. Customers are given maximum freedom of choice with regard to the combinations they use, enabling an unprecedented level of exclusivity to be achieved, with a range of new solutions and innovative materials to choose from – the result of continuous experimentation and the influence of new trends from outside the automotive industry.

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