Exhibit: Timeless Masterpieces


One of the greatest and most elegant brands in the world, Ferrari has just opened the doors of the Ferrari museum to play homage to timeless masterpieces, which also happens to be some of their most iconic cars. 


Currently on display at the new Enzo Ferrari Museum, the exhibit is a fantastic discourse between Ferrari models and the time in which they were created. The prevailing sense is that the design team, currently led by the rakish Flavio Manzoni, have an innate ability to judge the mood of the time and to create cars that are classical and highly modern at the same time. Putting the vehicles in their context also shows an ability to understand the historical and social context in which the cars were sold. 


The exhibit features a number of highly lust-worthy and desirable cars, including the 250 GTO and Ferrari Monza as well as a whole host of some of the most famous models in Ferrari’s illustrious history. The 166 Inter from 1948 and the 750 Monza from 1954, for example, are captivating symbols of the post-war boom, while the luxurious 1957 250 California represents the ultimate grand tourer. The series continues with an ultra-rare 250 GTO from 1962, one of the most vied-for classic racing cars among collectors, and the 365 GTS4 from 1969. Moving on to more recent times, the Ferrari California from 2008 and the GTC4Lusso from 2016 are paragons of class and style, and serve as an example of two GT cars that combine versatility and superb performance with design excellence. 


After being at the forefront of design for over 70 years, this exhibition shows the indelible mark on the style and design of each era that Ferrari has left and continues to leave with its unparalleled design. 

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