Exhibit: The Flipside


As “luxury” becomes ever more common in the modern world, its meaning has become more ambiguous and abstract. To ask the question of what luxury really means now and in the future, Selfridges showcases a free exhibition in collaboration with some of fashion’s hottest brands.


The Flipside is a stimulating, multi-sensory exhibit where guests are encouraged to fully immerse themselves and question their concept of luxury. With the aid of a new Google Pixel 2 camera phone, helpful tour guides will show you how to use the camera with each of its unique viewpoints and walk you though the space. 


For Loewe, luxury lies in nature, with their contribution taking the form of a green forest sculpture, whilst Byredo are concerned by the depleting supplies of natural water which will be a luxury in the future - their installation is of cans of water that represent each country with a sell by date by which time the water supplies will have depleted. Closer to home, Gareth Pugh’s idea of luxury manifests itself as a walk along a black sandy beach and for Louis Vuitton, we see a rather stunning pair of futuristic gold sneakers. 


From now to 20 May 2018 at The Old Selfridges Hotel, W1H 6JS. Free - booking recommended.