Exhibit: The Colour of Memory


The most recent exhibit at the Tate Modern is the first in 20 years on the work of Pierre Bonnard. 


Whilst Matisse is widely known as one of the greatest colourists of the early 20th century, his contemporary, Bonnard never quite had the same artistic edge. The Colour of Memory will allow new generations to discover his work. That work centres on the unconventional use of colour and an innovative sense of composition.

The exhibition concentrates on Bonnard’s work from 1912, when colour became a dominant concern, until his death in 1947. It presents landscapes and intimate domestic scenes which capture moments in time – where someone has just left the room, a meal has just finished, a moment lost in the view from the window, or a stolen look at a partner.


From now to 6 May 2019 at Tate Modern. From £18.