Exhibit: Monet & Architecture


One of the major exhibitions in London right now brings together some of Claude Monet’s lesser known works, focusing on the artist’s fascination with architecture.


Monet & Architecture, at the National Gallery is the first exhibition on Monet in the UK for over 20 years, and the very first ever to focus specifically on architecture. Over 80 paintings offer a tour of Europe with London, Normandy, Antibes and the grand canals of Venice all making an appearance. More than a quarter of the paintings in exhibition come from private collections around the world; works little-known and rarely exhibited. 


The works are a fresh perspective on an incredibly well known artist. The buildings that Monet painted range from coastal towns, industrial cities to some of Europe’s most famous monuments, all imagined in his grand, simple and historic stye. The lush colours, evocative brushstrokes and vivid locations will make you want to grab your suitcase and tour Europe for the rest of the summer. 


From now to 29 July 2018 at National Gallery. From £20 - book online.