Exhibit: A Fortnight of Tears


The new, major exhibit at White Cube features works by Tracey Emin including sculpture, neon, painting, film, drawing and photography, all focusing on the artists memories and emotions arising from anger, loss and love. 


On entering the space, you are confronted by 50 double hung self portraits from a series of photos taken over different moments and states during a period of insomnia. It is an unsettling focus on how desperate those torture-full moments can be. The paint work is predominantly pink and bright red, are aggressively physical and expressive. All of the works are inspired by feelings that haunt the artist, whether love and desire in But you never wanted me (2018), or It was all too Much (2018) or acts of sexual aggression.


A Fortnight of Tears centres around Emin’s own pain, including her mother’s death, with works shown in The Ashes Room evoking states of bereavement, mourning and enduring love. Set against the melancholic grey tone of the walls, I Could Feel You (2018), Bye Bye Mum (2018), I Prayed (2017) and Can you hear me (2017) all depict grief with absolute candour.

From now to 7 April 2019 at White Cube Bermondsey