Danshan SS19


Words by Elliot Whitelaw

Photography by Nicholas Andrews


The previews for SS19 have certainly presented us with some interesting collections, and here we have one that continues in that same vein.


Danshan is the brainchild of Hong Kong raised designer-duo, Danxia Liu and Shanpeng Wong. The pair have developed a reputation of challenging gender norms in fashion. And what makes this vision of theirs even more personal is that Danxia Liu was actually born as a female but raised as a boy due to China’s one child policy at the time.  


This collection presents us with 18 different looks, featuring different cuts, materials and models.The predominant theme throughout the collection was the unorthodox over-sizing of certain pieces, and this could almost be easily over-looked if you weren’t aware of the creators’ aims to challenge gender norms.

Black is heavily consistent throughout the collection, with beige, blue, green and whites all featuring in the different outfits.The different cuts and outfits offer versatility, and with the numerous combinations that could be created using pieces from this collection, looks for every occasion could be achieved.

Lot’s of outwear pieces are present here, and so outfits can easily be created using some of Danshans collection at the forefront.  Jackets, jumpers and coats allow for versatility, and alongside this the different styles of trousers offer another avenue for creativity.

It truly is a collection that really has to be seen to be understood and respected, and it is certainly doing the right thing in order to accomplish it’s goal.

Explore further at Danshan.