C.QP Sneakers SS19

CQP SS19 Florence (3).jpg

We live in a world saturated with sneakers. From plimsolls to high tops, runners to sock styles, the sneaker market is full of outlandish and statement styles. CQP sneakers are designed with a man in mind that doesn’t even like them, but wants a shoe that can be worn anywhere at any time. 

CQP SS19 Florence (2).jpg

The resulting styles are a refined, easy to wear core range of products that are sleek, rich but discrete, discrete and of course, all importantly, supremely comfortable. The Tarmac design was the first style launched by the brand - the perfect hybrid of smart and casual it stands out with a slighter higher Quarter Top and boasts a stable but soft fit. Available in leather, suede and canvas, the Racquet is designed for warmer climates with a super soft upper for all day walking comfort, whilst the Portico is a modern chukka slip-on and a unique and confident design. 


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