CLASSICS: Dries Van Noten SS15


The menswear fashion shows are known for, every once in a while, bringing unusual and unexpected trends to the fore. Ballet was just one of the trends that made in appearance in a number of spring shows. We saw it at Bottega Veneta but nowhere was it more prevalent than at Dries Van Noten.


Rudolph Nureyev and Mikhail Baryshnikov were major sources of inspiration for Dries Van Noten when creating the stunning spring/ summer 2015 collection. In a similar vein to the luxury daywear seen at Bottega Veneta, these pieces added a sense of athleticism and elegance to the look. Sensuality was also central to the look. This was achieved via bare torsos, scoped neck and baggy shorts. Unafraid of going all the way with the inspiration, the collection also features the dancer’s uniform of knitted waistbands and slim cut trousers.


Where the collection really excelled was with its after hours lounging wardrobe. Silk robes, oversized double breasted tailoring and pyjama style suits all create a sense of ease and absolute luxury. The embellishments and embroidered detailing presented unique details, one of those details being the sketched dancer that illustrator Richard Haines contributed and was used throughout.


The rich details, relaxed approach to tailoring and intelligent interpretation of the interesting inspiration all make the spring 2015 collection from Dries Van Noten one of the brands strongest to date.


To create a unique vision of the brand, we collaborated with the incredibly talented illustrator Alex Pryde, who works by creating images from social media and fashion and building up layers and manipulating. You can see more of his amazing work and follow him on Instagram.