Basic Rights SS18


Rock fans will already know The Vaccines have just launched their fourth album. Combat Sports. Style fans may not know that lead guitarist Freddie Cowan chose the same time to launch Basic Rights in the UK, the table that he devised and launched in NYC in 2016.


Think Steve McQueen’s wardrobe essentials and you get an idea on the brands design aesthetic. Working with the best fabrics, perfecting the cut and embodying a sense of high quality luxury are all important and should be, when you think about how important basics are in how we dress everyday. Freddie began work on the collection with Savile Row veteran David Chambers after growing frustration of finding that his existing day to day wardrobe wasn’t cutting it, leading to the search for discreet, well made and easy to wear essentials.


For the launch of SS18, the first collection that has been available to Marrakech the label channels Jagger circa 1970s with a trip to Marrakech. Its the perfect backdrop for the rock infused pieces especially lounge-vibing linen trousers, soft revere collar shirts and the cropped bowling style jackets, all of which will take you from day to night on vacation better than a pair of cropped chinos could ever. 


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