Base London SS18


If you (like us) have started to think about what floral, printed shirts you will be wearing this summer, and what colour chinos you will be styling them with, its time to add shoes into the mix and take a look at the new season offering from Base London. 

The new collection features a roll call of all of the best footwear superstars (Oxford’s, Chelsea’s, suede slippers, slip-ones and more) in classic and contemporary colours and fabrics. What’s ever better is the shoes from Base are often a much superior quality to the average pair from the high street, which might fall apart after one wear, but will not break the bank balance. Also, they are bucking the trend for ugly sneakers, which we really appreciate. 


It is the colour that sets this collection apart - the shoes are reimagined in bold and at first thought, surprising shades that actually work. Perhaps most impressively, they show a brand that wants to make good shoes and that do not take themselves too seriously. 

Here’s a closer look at our top 5 from the new season collection: 

Morgan suede  - £59.99

Morgan suede - £59.99

Tide crinkle suede  - £74.99

Explore further and shop the full collection at Base London